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Like a new breeze with Japanese tone, high-class facility system at Hinode City will give future residents a comfotable and perfect, enjoyable life

  • 1Fountain

    2Outdoor children’s ground

    3Walking path

    4Aqua glass castle


    6Jupiter Road

    7Mars Road

    8Overhead hanging bridge

    9Stop bench

    10Japanese parasol

    11Outdoor swimming pool

    12Sky glass roof

  • 13Children’s swimming pool

    14Jacuzzi pool

    15Sun lounger

    16Green trees, landscape

    17Tea hut

    18Music room


    20Children’s ground

    21Gym & Yoga

    22Apartment hall

    23Common working space

    24Tea room

  • 25Indoor golf room

    26Wifi free for Front area

    27Community room

    28Lounge hall

    29Resident post box

    30Dressing room

    31High-end restaurant block

    32High-end fashion shop block

    33Hairsalon block

    34Nail & Spa

    35Cosmetic shop block

    36Nutrition food store system

  • 37Coffee, cake shop block

    38Drug’s store

    39Cinema theatre



    42Laundry shop

    43International kindergarten

    44Apartments for rent

    45Sky lounge

    46Outdoor coffee

    47Tea shop

    48Entertainment area for children