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Tokyo Symphony

Hinode City is a Japanese-style complex of high-class units and commercial center in the heart of Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.
Featured by the unique and sophisticated architecture, eastern cultural landscape along with a system of modern and diversified facilities, Hinode City has created a new – high quality – comfortable living space with Japanese breath with 48 classy facilities and design in harmony with nature.

Land area2,8 ha

Unit area68-205 m2

Site coverage39.24 %

Location heart city

Located at the intersection of the two streets, namely Minh Khai – Kim Nguu, Hinode City is the convergence of prosperity thanks to the location of “Three proximity”: firstly, essential services. Secondly, the river. And finally, the city’s main boulevard.

From here, prospective residents can easily go to the capital center’s locations.


Like a new breeze with Japanese tone, high-class facility system at Hinode City will give future residents a comfotable and perfect, enjoyable life

  • 1Fountain

    2Outdoor children’s ground

    3Walking path

    4Aqua glass castle


    6Jupiter Road

    7Mars Road

    8Overhead hanging bridge

    9Stop bench

    10Japanese parasol

    11Outdoor swimming pool

    12Sky glass roof

  • 13Children’s swimming pool

    14Jacuzzi pool

    15Sun lounger

    16Green trees, landscape

    17Tea hut

    18Music room


    20Children’s ground

    21Gym & Yoga

    22Apartment hall

    23Common working space

    24Tea room

  • 25Indoor golf room

    26Wifi free for Front area

    27Community room

    28Lounge hall

    29Resident post box

    30Dressing room

    31High-end restaurant block

    32High-end fashion shop block

    33Hairsalon block

    34Nail & Spa

    35Cosmetic shop block

    36Nutrition food store system

  • 37Coffee, cake shop block

    38Drug’s store

    39Cinema theatre



    42Laundry shop

    43International kindergarten

    44Apartments for rent

    45Sky lounge

    46Outdoor coffee

    47Tea shop

    48Entertainment area for children

Japanese life arts


In an interestingly designed space and open vision, children can explore a vast world with their parents through each page.

Room for Community Activities

Space for community activities is designed with specific features for each unit. As Asahi uses the open, youthful and light-filled space, Sachi prefers to use the warm color tone combined with Japanese garden-style green. Luxury, high-class and Japanese style are the values cared by the Owner to design private and public spaces in Hinode City.


Gym & Yoga rooms are arranged at each tower with modern equipment, free for its residents.

Swimming Pool

Residents may swim in the crystal blue water or lie loungers on overflowing swimming pools that are designed with soft arcs in the air will definitely be precious relaxation moments after a long stressful day.

Aqua glass castle

Spherical castle icon with stylized pattern from sun and cherry symbol; stands out in the surrounding water. The castle is considered as the center of prosperity for the whole area.

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